Ammonites and Nautiluses

August 2018

Some of my work in the Spider Garden at Hoveton Hall Sculpture Uncovered during July and August


August 2017

Another success.  This one looked cracking in the gardens at Blickling this summer.


March 2017

Finally succeded with a nautilus that stands by itself, isn’t cracked and is fully weather proof and ready to go outside in the garden – next to the roses I think.

Nautilus 1 - Jackie Watson (1024x835)

August 2016

I haven’t been idle since last year (see also my Home page).  In fact I’ve been working hard on different shapes and ways of firing clay – particularly Raku.

The glaze on my nautilus came out well – unfortunately it broke in half in the raku kiln, such are the tensions set up in large pieces during the making and the firing.  I do love the shape, however, so will persevere.


This one I fired in my electric kiln, then mounted onto a teak base:

Nautilus - Jackie Watson

My latest nest of baby ammonites August 2016:



May 2015

First of all, a bit of catch up.  Here’s a photo of my last but one spiral creation in the gardens of Swannington Manor.  I’ve also been working on two new forms, both based on shells – Nautilus and Abalone – transforming into seeds – photos to come.



1st September 2014

The Summer has gone past in a blur of events and I’ve been hard put to find time and space for reflection on my work.  Hopefully the Winter will provide that.

A spin-off from my large ammonites, this pendant looks gorgeous against any background colour.

DSCN1296 (385x640)



June 2014

One of my large ammonites on its wooden plinth at Swannington Manor.

DSCN1269 (436x640)

19th April 2014

The Forum launch has come and gone and I’m now getting ready for The Atrium in North Walsham next week.  I’ve been experimenting with the glazes and have got some lovely combinations now.

Nest of Ammonites - Watson DSCN1234 (1707x1280) (640x480) DSCN1244 (640x497)


1st April 2014

I’ve been working like mad for Open Studios and the launch in The Forum, Norwich on Thursday 17th April in the evening. Today, with a glorious sun shining down, I took some photographs of my new, large, ammonites. These are fired to stoneware and are weather-proof for enjoying in the garden.  The top part of the plinth which carries the sculpture detaches from the larger, bottom part.  I’ve given this top part its own legs, so it converts very nicely into an indoor display.

DSCN1207 (1707x1430) DSCN1223 (1124x1707)

DSCN1230 (480x640)


I’ll be making some more without a plinth so they can be laid flat to use as a birdbath. Other projects in the pipeline include making more of the small ammonites (below).  They were very popular with the public at the All Saints Christmas Exhibition in Cambridge.

I’m also working on some medium size ammonites, cut in half.  I’ll be raku-ing them soon if the good weather holds.  And I’ve started on a series of porcelain wall-hangings, based on ammonites, using oxides and just a touch of glaze.

21st December 2013

I’ve moved across from shells to ammonites following the spiral theme. These are smaller versions of a large one I’m working on as a birdbath for the garden – roll on summer!Ammonite for website

Jackie Watson - ammonite tray for website (1024x826)

whole ammonite for website

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